Dataatadata: Everything and Nothing

SOLO SHOW –  The Invisible Dog Art Center, 51 Bergen St., Brooklyn NY 11201

December 1–31, 2018

Dataatadata: Everything and Nothing is an immersive sound installation that centers around a 30 day performance and the creation of an intricate, large scale mandala.

Building out the gallery to create an atmosphere of infinite space, the environment for this performance is the setting for the mandala. Set at the center of this 5000 sqf gallery, the work will go from process to completion to destruction all in the course of 30 days. The execution of this piece will be an arduous, elaborate and painstaking effort which will be performed for 10 to 14 hours per day, every day, for 30 days.

The sculpture will be made of finely ground marble in the tradition of ancient sand paintings using handmade tools. Unlike the sacred geometries used in ritual mandalas, the delicate and precise composition of Everything and Nothing will employ data from a particle collision to express time, knowledge, infinitesimal space and the ephemeral nature of certainty.

The imagery of data as a compositional element is the thesis of this massive installation. Each day new sections will be created as Chris Klapper and Patrick Gallagher sculpt the musical score. From this, an immersive sound installation will form and evolve as the mandala begins to take shape.

Using a wide range of technologies including ceiling mounted cameras, short throw video projectors, interactive programing software and a multi-channel sound system, the mandala will be scanned and processed each day to relay the sound installation throughout the gallery. The progress and development of the mandala will be recorded and randomly performed throughout the month, highlighting variations of the composition.

The final performance will be hosted at the end of 30 days when the mandala has been completed. The musical composition will be scanned and then played in its entirety, culminating with the destruction of the work.

In collaboration with Patrick Gallagher

Limited edition photographs available