2751 kilometers / 2621 grams


2751 kilometers/2621 grams

Mandala (n) \ˈmən-də-lə\ : A sculptural expression of the impermanence of memory, time, nature and life.

2751 kilometers/2621 grams is a visualization of the recorded data of a journey.  Sculpted from finely ground marble and granite, using hand made copper tools, 2751 kilometers/2621 grams is a reference to the distance traveled and the weight of the materials used.  Expressed with GPS coordinates and binary code, it is a visual map comprised of days, regions, experiential categories and specific locations. The concept of this project combines the poetic expression of a mandala with data mapping. Drawing connections between the information while highlighting the intense effort and beauty of the journey.

Beginning with a 1000km trek along the north coast of Spain, our journey began on foot following the Camino del Norte, down through the Galician mountains to the far western points along the Costa del Morte.  From there we made our way to the ancient city of Cadiz in the Southern region of Andalusia, dropping down to the Strait of Gibraltar and eventually making our way north to Cordoba.  Ending with a month long artist residency among the grounds of a 15th century monastery in the village of Belalcazar, where this work was both created and destroyed.

Like all experiences the careful creation of the mandala is painstakingly detailed and a work of immense effort culminating with the eventual sweeping of the work, signifying the ephemeral nature of memory.

This piece is the first in our new series called #dataatadata, which concentrates on the beauty and power of raw information.  The information was compiled using ‘meta data’ and records collected during a 90 day period.  It is an abstract expression of an experience that can not be conveyed.  The information graph is meant to be true but also cryptic so as not to lead the viewer but to allude to the significance of the information and the possibilities it entails.  The impermanent aspect of the mandala adds to the depth of the experience.

In collaboration with Patrick Gallagher

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