Dataatadata: Real Numbers

In collaboration with Patrick Gallagher

One of our main collaborative series, Dataatadata, concentrates on the aesthetic and conceptual theme of the beauty of raw information.  We began to explore this as our subject and work with the abstract connections between selected information and how it is absorbed.  We’ve found tremendous concepts hidden within seemingly esoteric data that expresses deep philosophical and existential ideas tied together in what we’ve come to know and appreciate as the poetry of numbers.  

Dataatadata led us to developing several large projects centered around the concept of infinity and infinite sequences. Within these endless sets, our current series Real Numbers, focuses on the literal expression of mathematically significant mechanisms and their inherent beauty.  This series showcases transcendental and transfinite numbers such as Pi, the Fibonacci Sequence, the Golden Ratio(Phi) and other infinite sets bound within raw materials such as cement, steel, white oak and paper.  The theme revolves around an ultra-minimalist aesthetic meant to be austere and simple, with the subject pared down to its purest from of expression.  

Shown here is Sectio Divina (Raw white oak), The Golden Ratio: Fibonacci Sequence (Cast Cement, steel), PI Project (Cast Hydrocal)