Symphony in D Minor

Symphony in D Minor is an interactive sound and video installation on an epic scale.  A thunderstorm contained within a series of large hand cast resin sculptures, each individual form is a unique instrument hanging from the ceiling.

Collaboration with Patrick Gallagher

Suspended just within reach and activated by touch, the viewer sets the symphony in motion by pushing the forms through the air to trigger the various sound elements of the storm. Sensors relay individual recordings of thunder, lightning, wind and rain with alternating intensities to a full-scale sound system.


Acting as both conductor and musician, the viewer creates an evolving composition out of atmospheric sounds, forging an environment that envelops the audience.

Like giant illuminated pendulums each sculpture radiates video projections that in their dormant state display abstractions of water droplets and slow moving clouds.  As the sensors detect movement different ranges initiate more visual elements of the storm.   Once activated, the form then shifts to a swirling torrent of clouds.