Dataatadata: 3-sphere

Dataatadata: 3-sphere, is a sculptural installation and visual exploration of the universe and higher dimensional space — a minimalist artistic expression of profoundly complex concepts.  Touching on the idea of infinity and folded space, we employ materials using resin, acrylic, light and sound to create multi-dimensional references to form and space that seems both fluid and solid at the same time.

Collaboration with Patrick Gallagher.

Our current series, Dataatadata, a play on Dadaism, centers on the beauty of information and the poetry of numbers, and how they can be used to express complex ideas in a visual and experiential way.

How do you describe a world of infinite beauty with only 26 letters?

The language of the universe is written in metrics and ratios.  Within that language is a hidden code translated into numbers and symbols. This language tells us an eloquent story about our reality; it expresses color, light, temperature, motion, surfaces, shapes, flows and energy, even to the very thoughts in our mind.  It is an extraordinary language of infinite expression with fields of sets and infinities within infinities. Arranged in their correct order these attributes tell incredible stories about our world. They unfold, to shed light on our reality and awareness of the interconnectedness to the world around us.

Thousands of years before we ever crossed an ocean, we learned the earth was round.  Hundreds of years before we launched a rocket, we discovered orbits and gravitational fields.  The language of ratios communicates a great number of ideas and theories that often take lifetimes to translate.  Currently, this language has been suggesting to us that we exist in a reality of uncharted and unknowable dimensions.  Not a realm of fantasy or science fiction, but one of core interconnectedness.

We are only beginning to discover that our reality and imagination are not very far apart.  It is not necessary to understand the language of the universe to be in awe of its beauty and grandeur.  Our exploration of the universe allows us to open up to new ideas and possibilities of how we create, live and connect to the world around us.